4th of July Family Fun Ideas

4th of July Fireworks

The 4th of July is a great opportunity to do fun activities with your children. Here are a few ideas to do this Independence Day such as fireworks, sugar cookies, and a bike parade.


What’s the 4th of July without fireworks? These two things have gone together since I could remember. For young children though, the loud booms may be frightening. To help your children feel more comfortable with fireworks play a game with them by asking them how many different colors they can see in the fireworks. Ask them how many times they see the colors red, white, and blue and then teach them that these are the same colors on the U.S. flag. Doing this may help them get their minds off the loud booms.

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4th of July Sugar Cookies

Get the kids involved with you in the kitchen by baking sugar cookies. Use a star cookie cutter to make cookies in the shape of stars. As you do this you can teach your children that the stars on the flag represent the 50 states in the U.S. Have them icing the cookies with red, white and blue icing like the colors of the U.S. flag. Sugar cookies are not complete without 4th of July colored sprinkles. Sugar cookies are great 4th of July part treats! Make plenty of these because they’ll go fast.

Neighborhood Bike Parade

If there are a lot of kids in your neighborhood get all of them together with their bikes to have a bike parade. Have the kids decorate their bikes with 4th of July colors. They can weave confetti paper between the spokes of their bike wheels, put streamers on their handbars. After everyone has decorated their bikes have the kids go down the neighborhood street while all the parents watch and cheer them on. Make sure to record the parade so your kids can watch later in the day.


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