Tips For New Fathers: Taking Your Baby Out of The House

Babies and Errands

If you’re a new father you’ve probably figured out that babies have needs. Also, those needs don’t go away when taking your baby out of the house. With that understanding, you will learn that going to the grocery store with your baby is not as simple as when you go alone.

I was surprised with how much effort it takes to get the baby and diaper bag ready to run errands. To make it easier, here are some tips for a new father who takes the baby out.

Before You Go Out

The first thing you should always consider, when taking the baby with you on errand, is when was the last time your baby was fed. If it has been a while you will want make sure the baby has been fed. Along with feeding the baby, you should consider a diaper change. A fresh clean diaper will make the trip to the grocery store more comfortable for your baby.

Once you’ve assessed and taken care of these needs, get everything you’ll need – diaper bag and car seat. For the diaper bag don’t just assume everything you need is in it, make sure to take diaper bag inventory. You will want to make sure you have diapers and wipes. Even though you probably just fed your baby, you’ll also want to make sure you have something to feed him. Formula or breastmilk in a bottle works. If your baby is old enough cheerios may do the trick too.  You never know how long you will be out on your errand. Having these things will keep you and the baby happy. Anything else you want to include in the diaper bag is at your discretion.

When You Get There

After getting everything ready put the baby in the car seat and then his take car seat (with the himBaby in car seat in it) and diaper bag out to the car. Lastly make sure you’ve got your baby correctly strapped into his car seat. Then drive away.

Once at the store find a parking spot that is close to a shopping cart return. Also make sure the shopping cart return has carts in it. Parking close to the cart return will allow you to load the baby into the shopping cart close to your car. You can then push your baby through the parking lot in a cart instead of lugging a car seat through the parking lot. When you return to your car from shopping you will be close to a cart return to conveniently return your shopping cart.

When you are in the store be prepared for a couple of things. You may end up as that one parent at the store with the crying baby. It’s okay, babies cry. So don’t stress too much about it. Just assess what may be the problem. Does your baby need a diaper change or does he need to be fed? If the baby keeps crying you may need to cut your trip short so your sanity stays intact. That’s how it goes sometimes with a baby and shopping.

The second thing you should be prepared for are people wanting to see the baby. These people may do a few things, such as: complimenting you, they may give unsolicited advice or they may ask you weird questions. Don’t worry too much about all this. Just thank them and move onto the next items on your shopping list.


When doing all this, it may seem like a lot to do just to go to the grocery store. But hopefully these tips help and make it more simple. Just remember to have the baby fed and diapers in the diaper bag before leaving home and you’ll be fine. After making a few trips to the store, it becomes second hand nature to consider what a baby needs while running errands.


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