Traveling with the Fam? Check Out These Essential Tips for Stress Busting and Saving Money

Planning A Family Vacation

Some of the best family memories are made during vacations. Very few things compare to the whole family having one experience that is preserved in memories, stories, and pictures for years to come. With some advance planning and flexibility, family trips can be a wonderful time for everyone. So, let’s talk about how to make traveling easier.

Where to Stay

Finding kid-friendly lodging is key to having a good travel experience. Trivago Magazine recommends looking for hotels that can accommodate your entire family for a reasonable price and provide the amount and types of beds that you need, along with a few fun amenities to keep everyone entertained. A movie screen and a pool with a slide can go a long way toward keeping youngsters having fun while adults savor downtime.

Many families benefit from the short-term rental market. Being able to comfortably fit your whole family, access to a washing machine and dryer, access to a full kitchen, and space to separate from the children so that you’re not having to sit in the dark at 6 PM are just a few of the benefits.

As Martha Stewart notes, one of the best parts is that you get to save money by preparing most or all of your meals at a short-term rental. With privacy, space and amenities, short-term vacation rentals are a budget-friendly family option.

Planning for Grown-Up Time

While vacationing with the whole family is fun, traveling with your children can still be far from relaxing. To make sure you are getting enough R&R and get to spend some quality grown-up time, you should arrange for some time alone. If you plan ahead, you can choose a safe, reliable, reputable and trustworthy local babysitter to watch your kids. These days, you can look for and book a babysitter onlinewith one simple click.

Furry Family Members

Our furry friends can feel just as much like family as our spouse and children. If you want to take them along on your family adventure, then you’ll need to plan ahead. Here are some things you need to consider when traveling with your pet:

  • Reserve lodging that accommodates pets. Look for a place that has an appropriate outdoor space if necessary. And if you have a cat, make sure it can accommodate a litter box.
  • Bring along a crate to house your pet when you leave and can’t take them with you. Make sure it has enough space for Fido to stand up, turn around, and spread out, and look for one that collapses so it doesn’t eat up too much space in your vehicle.
  • If you’re bringing a cat, bring along a comfortable, ventilated, and durable carrying case so they can go with you on your journey. A cat backpack is a great way to get your cat some fresh air with sufficient security for participating in adventures, just read reviews to make sure you have one that will keep your feline comfortable.
  • Collapsible food and water bowls are easy to carry with you anywhere you go.
  • Bring items that remind your pet of home, such as their favorite toys, their bed, and/or their blanket.


Planning ahead for activities at your destination that will appeal to the whole family will make the trip feel seamless. Don’t overpack your days, though, and plan realistically. You may not be able to see all the sights, but the ones you do see will be memorable and worth the trip. You should plan for some outdoor fun and activities to get the kids’ energy out, like at public parks or hotel swimming pools, so that your nighttime is peaceful.

To ensure you don’t overbook any time slots—or worse, double book—an itinerary template comes in handy. It’s also a great place to make some notes if you need to remember special accommodations for the kids or furry friends during a particular activity.

Traveling with young children has its complicated moments, but it is worth it. If you do research to choose a quality place to stay, plan ahead for your pets, schedule activities for the whole family, and plan for time alone, you can end up having an amazing trip. Get ready to save money and make memories!

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