Tips for New Dads: New Born Baby Necessities


In preparation for our first born, my wife and I (mainly my wife) began to accumulate baby supplies and gear. I was flabbergasted at what we needed and how much of it we needed for one new born baby. Not only that, but it cost a lot of money. Fortunately, friends and family  threw baby showers for us which helped with the financial burden.

I thought it would be good for new fathers to know what their baby will need. So, here is a list of items you will need for your new born baby.

Cribs and Supplies

Baby CribYou will find that new borns sleep a lot, so it makes a lot of sense to have a crib all set up and ready to go before you even bring your baby home from the hospital. Here are some recommendations on what to get and what not to get.

  1. Cribs: avoid drop-side cribs. I strongly recommend a convertible crib that can be converted into a toddler bed for when you baby becomes a toddler.
  2. No blankets or pillows: these are suffocation hazards, so don’t place them in the crib.
  3. Waterproof pad/mattress: make sure that the pad/mattress that comes with your crib is waterproof. When your new born spits-up, pees or poops on his bedding it won’t effect the pad/mattress and it makes it easy to clean up.
  4. Bumpers: are not recommended. They pose a suffocation hazard like blankets and pillows.
  5. Crib set-up: Once you have your crib set-up, make sure to set the crib to the right height. Higher up setting for new borns makes it a bit easier to put your new born into his crib and take him out. When your baby gets older and learns to stand up in his crib you will want to then lower the height so he can’t climb or fall out of the crib.


A Diaper Changing Table

Diaper Changing TableA couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post giving tips on changing poopy diapers. In addition to that post, I thought it would be helpful to have a list of what you will need at your diaper changing table.

  1. Changing pad: Along with the changing pad, make sure to have a few changing pad covers that you can remove and wash.
  2. Diapers: it’s easiest to have the diapers stored at arms length from the changing table. You will want to start with the new born diaper size. In some case diaper size 1 may fit your new born baby better.
  3. Wipes: you can never have enough wipes when it comes to changing a diaper.
  4. Diaper rash cream: From time to time your baby will get a diaper rash. Diaper rash cream comes in handy for this.
  5. Baby clothes: you will find that your baby’s diapers won’t always keep the poop and pee in, so it’s nice to have a change of clothes for the baby close to the changing table.
  6. A diaper receptacle: My personal preference is a small garbage can and not a diaper pail. I find that diaper pails get really smelly fast.


Necessities for the Nursery

Baby NurseryThere is something that expecting mothers do called “nesting.” This is a mother’s innate desire to prep the nursery for the baby. Before my wife was expecting I just thought nesting was a desire to buy a few things for the baby. But I was surprised at the level of thoughtfulness and detail my wife put into this. After experiencing my wife’s nesting phase, I decided that the nursery is more for my wife than it is for the baby. A baby will be completely happy with the necessities, but having more than the necessities gives a new mother a nice place to care for the baby. Below is a list that covers the necessities of a nursery. Anything else you want to include in your baby’s nursery is okay to do, but a non-necessity. (p.s. for the moms reading this, I know this is father’s/husband’s perspective).

  1. A crib: baby needs a place to sleep.
  2. Dresser or closet: for storing baby clothes.
  3. Rocker or gliding chair: for nursing and soothing baby.
  4. A changing table: stocked with diaper changing supplies.


Diaper Bag

Diaper BagYou will quickly learn from day one that going places is a lot more work than when you didn’t have children. Part of what makes it more work is all the stuff you have to take with you for the baby in a diaper bag. Here’s a list of things you’ll want in your diaper bag.

  1. Diapers: There’s a reason why diaper bags are called diaper bags.
  2. Wipes: You’ll want wipes not just for changing diapers, but for cleaning your baby’s face and hands.
  3. Bottle and formula or breast milk: If your away from home for long periods of time you’ll want to be able to feed the baby. This comes in handy if dad has the baby and mom isn’t around to nurse.
  4. Burp clothe: New born babies need to be burped and a burp clothe comes in handy.
  5. Baby toys: There will be times when your baby will need something to play with.
  6. Change of clothes: Babies have blow outs, meaning not all diapers will contain the poop. Often when this happens clothes get soiled from the blow out and having a change of clothes comes in handy.


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