Amanda Manscill

Amanda is an additional author on this blog and sister-in-law to Dallan. She has a bachelor’s degree in Education and wrote for the parenting blog Mother’s Niche before joining the team at Parenting at Home. Amanda loves working with adolescents and has experience teaching them in classrooms, rehabilitation facilities, and church youth groups. She grew up in a family with four children and is now the mother of two young children. Amanda enjoys playing soccer, cooking and eating good food, reading books with her kids, and finding any excuse to put off doing the dishes.

Authoritative Parenting: Characteristics and Effects


What is Authoritative Parenting? A parent with an authoritative style is demanding, but also responsive. Demanding: Parents have high yet reasonable expectations and set rules to guide their children’s decision making. Responsive: Parents have a high degree of warmth and nurturing where children’s thoughts, opinions and feelings are taken into consideration. Being responsive is the …

Are You an Uninvolved Parent?

What is an Uninvolved Parent?  Uninvolved Parenting, also known as neglectful parenting, is neither demanding nor responsive. Not Demanding: Parents have little to no expectations for their children’s behavior. Not Responsive: Parents are neglectful of their children’s needs. Some examples of uninvolved parenting include: “You’re on your own” mindset Parents expect children to raise themselves …

Are you using an Authoritarian Parenting Style?

Authoritarian Parenting

What is an Authoritarian Parent? Two things define authoritarian parenting: high demands and low responsiveness. High Demands: Parents have expectations that children follow directions with no explanations, lots of restrictions and harsh punishments. Low Responsiveness: Parents don’t consider child’s circumstances or feelings. Authoritarian parents are often stern, strict, cold, and aloof to their child’s emotional …