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My one year old son is a bit small to appreciate Disneyland. Sometime in the future though, when he’s old enough, my wife and I are planning to take him on a Disneyland vacation. In preparation to go, I’ve been doing a bit of research on how to do Disneyland right. Here are the top things I learned:

Go To Disneyland In The Off season

When I was 13 years old my parents took me and my siblings to Disney World in Florida in the month of November. Going during this time made all the difference for us since it’s usually never busy. November is in between Halloween and Christmas and people are thinking more about those holidays than going to Disneyland.

Buy Your Disneyland Tickets Online

Time is of the essence when at Disneyland. Buying tickets online will allow you to go straight through the entrance instead of having to wait in line to buy tickets.

Book Your Hotel Close To Disneyland

It will be go, go, go all day while in the park. The last thing you want to do is have to drive 20 plus minutes to your hotel after a long day walking around and standing in lines.

Disneyland CastleDon’t Do Just One Day At Disneyland

This applies especially to those who are going for the first time. If you only plan to spend one day at Disneyland you’ll feel rushed to see and do everything. Doing multiple days helps you feel like you can relax and enjoy your day and not feel rushed.

Use the Disneyland Mobile App

The Disneyland app is a life saver. It will show wait times, park maps, show listings, and restaurants. You can even purchase your tickets via the app. If you purchase ticket through the app you can use the barcode on the app to gain entrance to the park.

Buy your Disney Souvenirs Ahead Of Time

Souvenirs in the park are pricy. The better and more cost effective way is to buy your souvenirs ahead of time. Another benefit of purchasing souvenirs ahead of time is that your children can enjoy them while traveling to Disneyland.

Save The Shows For Later In The Day

Use all your energy at the beginning of the day. You’ll be doing a lot of walking and standing in lines. At the end of the day it will feel really good to take a load off your feet to enjoy some of the shows in the park. In addition wait times for rides are the shortest in the mornings and you’ll want to use this time most effectively riding rides instead of watching a show.

Use Restrooms Every Time You See One

Getting out of line to take you kids to use the bathroom can be a time waister. Disneyland has restrooms all over so take advantage of those bathrooms as much as possible and this will help you maximize your time in the park.

Bring Your Own Snacks And Lunch

The biggest benefit with bringing your own snacks and lunch is that you can maximize your time by snacking and eating while you wait in line. You don’t want to have to take a break for lunch and miss out on riding rides.

Make Sure You’re In A Line At Closing

When you are in a line when the park closes you will be able to ride that ride. Another way to maximize your time!

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